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Favorite Links!

If you want to see some links to website that we think are particularly significant, then simply go to the "Favorite Links" page (Favorite Links).  This is not an exhaustive list, it is a significant list.  If you want to recommend a link to be considered, just send us an Email (Contact Us).


Check out the new car magnets!

We have just introduced a new line of car magnets.  These include large ribbon magnets and a new format of bumper magnets (Car Magnets).  You can show your patriotism and your religious convictions with these on your car or truck. 


Check out the new featured articles!

Take a look at the featured articles on the pro-life issues, Patriotism and Christian dedication and faithfulness (Articles).  We are always adding to our list of articles.


More of what you asked for!

You now have an expanded selection of your favorite scripture and quotation choices.  These choices include more pro-life scriptures, and more worship scriptures, along with other classics.  If you don't see your favorite, and you know it's a really good one, contact us or Email us, and we'll put it on our list (Contact Us).  We will continue to add more favorites as time goes on.


Faster ways to find your favorites!

You can now use a new scroll bar feature to quickly finding your favorite scriptures on refrigerator magnets.  Click the following to check it out: (Magnets)


Check out the framed prints!

You get your choice of scripture/quotation on your choice of 5 mat colors, framed in a deluxe gold hardwood frame.  Choices include 56 scriptures in a small format (5x7 Framed Prints), and 11 scriptures in a larger format (8x10 Framed Prints).  There are also 7 non-Biblical classic quotations in this larger framed format.


(The drop-down scroll bars of selections for framed prints and refrigerator magnets and are not in absolute Biblical order.)



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