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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Which versions of the Bible do you use?

A.  We try to use the Bible version which we feel best communicates the scripture thought.  However, we restrict our usage to the versions for which we have copyright permissions, or for which copyright permissions are not required.  Many verses are word-for-word the same in two or more translations.  We don't give references to more than one translation when this is the case.


Q.  Are you telling me there are copyrights on the Bible?

A.  Yes.  A lot of people don't think of the Bible as being copyrighted.  Publishers invest a lot of expense in preparing a different translation, and are entitled to protect their investment.  The King James Version of the Bible does not have a current copyright.  Some publishers are easier to work with than others.  We use the versions for which we have obtained permissions.  


Q.  Do you put the version (KJV, NIV, etc.) on the product?

A.  No.  We feel the reference on the front of the product detracts from the beauty of the product.  Instead, we give copyright credit on a separate enclosure which is approved by the holder of the copyright.


Q.  Do you use Protestant or Catholic versions of the Bible?

A.  We use Protestant versions of the Bible.


Q.  Are there differences between the Protestant and Catholic versions of the Bible?

A.  Yes, there are differences.  However, the passages which we use are mostly inspirational passages which are generally very similar to both Protestant and Catholic Bibles, and do not represent theological differences.  We have sold our products to Protestant and Catholic bookstores and gift shops.

Note: There are two exceptions which occur on our 8x10 plaques and our 8x10 framed and matted prints.  The first is the "Ten Commandments".  The numbering of the ten commandments is different in the Catholic tradition and the Protestant tradition.  (The Bible does not actually number the ten commandments, so they have been numbered by tradition.)  The commandments are all there, it's just that one tradition combines two into one and presents another commandment as two different commandments.  The other tradition is vice versa.  The second exception is  "The Lord's Prayer".  Again, the two versions are very similar, but there are differences.  The Catholic versions do not include the last few words which are included in the Protestant versions ("For Thine is the Kingdom . . . Amen").  Again, we use the Protestant versions and traditions.


Q.  Are the images on your products better than what I can see on your web site?

A.  Yes.  All the images of our products on this site are designed to be only about 72 dots per inch.  This is because this is the limit of resolution on computer monitors.  This resolution provides for the fastest loading time for the best visible image.  The images on the actual products have a resolution of 600 dots per inch, which is about as good as it gets, and about as good as anyone can see.  (See our order form for your satisfaction guarantee.) 


Q.  Is your order process secure?

A.  Yes.  All online transactions processing on this website are performed by PayPal secure processing. PayPal is a premier online transaction processing company, is an Ebay company, and processes Ebay transactions. You can use the PayPal checkout even if you do not have a PayPal account.  Pearl of Wisdom will not even have access to your credit card number.

Q.  How long have you been in business?

A.  Milam Toys, Inc. was incorporated in 1983.  However, the business functioned for several years before that time.  Our purpose at that time was to create the highest quality preschool wooden toys available anywhere.  We no longer manufacture wooden toys.  We found that the demand for wooden toys was declining, while the costs kept rising.  Our toys have been sold in stores in at least 22 states.  Our toys were in a leading preschool catalog for 9 years.


Our focus changed to marketing Christian, inspirational and patriotic products in 1995.  Since that time we have sold our products to well over 100 stores.  The development of the Internet has given us, in the year 2000, the opportunity to offer our products directly to you the customer.  The advantage to you is that you get the widest selection of items.  This is because you always have the opportunity to pick what you want, without being limited by a local retailer's narrow selections. 



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